David Schellenberg



David Schellenberg


David Schellenberg is founder, President and CEO of LinguiSearch, a boutique qualitative market research consultancy serving the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.  David specializes in promotional and communications marketing research, with specific expertise in linguistic analytic techniques.  David is highly sought after for his skills in marketing consulting, strategic, and tactical market research design and execution, and for his skills as a qualitative moderator, analyst, and presenter. 

David was a pioneer in the creation of innovative and highly successful message generation and positioning techniques using language analysis.  Taking advantage of his linguistic/semiotic analytic training, David is a leader in the development of methods to extend the practical shelf-life of traditional qualitative research by treating respondent language as mineable data pioneering through language warehousing and databases.

David has strong domestic and international experience, most recently utilizing his market research and language analysis skills to develop native-language messaging and lexicon strategies for the global launch of a major medical treatment in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and Brazil.

David has spoken at multiple industry conferences, including the PMRG (Pharmaceutical Market Research Group), NGLCC National Business and Leadership Conference, and Greater Philadelphia Professional Association to name but a few. 

David’s pharmaceutical expertise brought him to the attention of the National Institutes of Health, which tapped him to serve on an advisory board tasked with vetting multi-million dollar proposals seeking to mount a cohesive response to the worldwide resurgence of tuberculosis and its many drug-resistant strains.

Professionally, David is a member of the Pharmaceutical Market Research Group and the Qualitative Research Consultants Organization.  An active member of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), David participated in a year-long protégé relationship with Merck and Novartis sponsored by the NGLCC.  Also through the NGLCC, and with the generous sponsorship of Merck, David attended Dartmouth University’s Micro MBA program at Tuck School of Business. 

As part of a joint five-year pilot program under the auspices of the NGLCC and the US International Aid Agency (USAID), LinguiSearch has agreed to provide, $250,000 worth of pro-bono market research consulting services, in order to help build national LGBT Chambers of Commerce in Latin American countries.

David earned a degree in French Language and Civilization in 1976 from the Sorbonne (University of Paris IV) in France.  In 1978, David was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from Central University of Iowa, with a double major in Philosophy and French, minors in Classical Greek, Teaching English as a Second Language, and additional concentrations in Russian and Hebrew. 

David’s passion for languages earned him an appointment from the French Ministry of Education as a Language Assistant in a French Technical Secondary School in Champagne-sûr-Seine outside of Paris.  Such posts are extraordinarily competitive, with more than 300 applicants for each available position.

David has been an ardent supporter of a variety of civic, charitable, and arts organizations in the region.  In 2007 he received the Community Philanthropist award from the Greater Philadelphia Professional Association. 

David is a founding and charter member of the Independence Business Alliance (IBA), greater Philadelphia’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and served on its Board of Directors from its inception in 2004 until stepping down in 2013.  David served on the organization’s Executive Committee for six of the seven years of his board tenure, holding the offices of First Vice President, Secretary, and for his final three years on the board, served as the organization’s Treasurer.  With the strong support of the NGLCC, David was one of the principal local drivers behind the IBA’s LGBT Supplier Diversity Initiative, and he headed that committee until stepping down from the board.  David continues to support the IBA as a corporate sponsor of the organization, and LinguiSearch donates space for the IBA’s administrative offices at LinguiSearch’s corporate headquarters.

LinguiSearch currently underwrites the DVLF/IBA scholarship given annually to a deserving Philadelphia college student, by providing a five-year funding commitment for the award portion of the scholarship.

LinguiSearch is a long-time corporate sponsor of Elixir, the Mazzoni Center’s signature fundraising gala, the William Way Community Center’s Indigo Ball, the Attic Youth Center, and the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which is now celebrating its 20th year.  LinguiSearch is pleased to donate space for the festival’s administrative operations this year out of LinguiSearch’s corporate headquarters.

David is a founding supporter of the Barnes Foundation’s new location on the Ben Franklin parkway, as is a supporter of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Rodin Museum, and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.  LinguiSearch is a corporate sponsor of Opera Philadelphia.

A member of the board of trustees of the Pennsylvania Ballet, David serves on the nominations committee, chairs the marketing and community outreach committee, and holds a position on the board’s executive committee.

David holds memberships in the Center City Civic Association, the Sustainable Business Network, and is a member of the Union League of Philadelphia, where he is active in the League’s Business Leadership Forum, Entrepreneur’s Roundtable, Culinary League, and Grand Cru Society.  As a Pepper Patron of the League, David supports the League’s private library and its Civil War Archives.

David continues to drive LinguiSearch’s commitment as a responsible corporate citizen for our local, national, state, and international communities.  Under his tutelage, LinguiSearch is on target to become completely carbon neutral by 2016.  By that same target year, LinguiSearch is on track to meet its goal of investing 5% of its gross revenues back into the community, in either direct financial support or via pro-bono services to area civic, charitable and arts organizations.