Our research approach is founded in linguistics – we analyze how an audience uses and understands language.  The language used by customers gives deep insight into:

  • The relationships between products (or brands) and respondents.
  • Respondents’ thought and decision-making processes, and how well (or poorly) a message fits into those processes.
  • The motivational potential of a message.

Any type of qualitative market research will benefit from this approach. Be it exploratory research, brand positioning, message/lexicon development, war-gaming, or creative concept, sales aid or journal ad testing, all require understanding how customers think, and the logic links that take them from point to point in their decision-making process.

Linguistic analysis is not based on “gut instinct,” nor is it a shallow tally of what a respondent likes or dislikes. Rather, it is a meticulous and disciplined approach which delivers highly valuable insights, actionable recommendations, and uncovers implications that go beyond the immediate objectives to provide direction for longer term strategies.

Capabilities Include:

  • Exploratory Market Assessment
  • Brand/Corporate Identity and Image
  • Promotional and Marketing Strategy
  • Pre-Launch Positioning Strategy
  • Post-Launch Re-Positioning
  • Promotion & Message Development & Testing
  • Product Concept Testing
  • Journal Ad & Sales Aid Development & Testing