All LinguiSearch market research professionals have at least 19 years’ experience in strategic and tactical market research, are expert in qualitative research design and methodology, are skilled moderators in great demand from clients, and are meticulously trained in linguistic analytic techniques.

All projects are designed, managed, and conducted by senior market research experts. Clients deal with a single LinguiSearch MR professional throughout all phases of the entire project; from RFP to presentation of results, and even beyond. The value of a project’s qualitative data need not expire upon delivery of the final report. Useful insights into new or unexpected situations can often be gleaned from past project’s qualitative data, and we are a resource for you, even after the project is complete.

Adept in both traditional and innovative techniques, we can apply our services to virtually any qualitative market research need.

  • Exploratory Research: Deep investigation into the mindsets of your audience.
  • Brand Image & Positioning: Determine most unique, compelling space for your brand.
  • Lexicon Development: Identify customers’ words for your ideas.
  • Message Development/Communication Platform Research: Build a compelling message.
  • Needs Analysis/Drivers & Barriers Research: Explore an audience’s attitudes and value drivers (both internal and external) from a multi-dimensional perspective.
  • Decision-Making: Identify customer logic links that create the most effective path to purchase/use.
  • Objection-Handling: Overcome barriers and develop responses to frequently asked questions.
  • Label Comprehension: Ensure labels are understood.
  • Physician-Patient Dialogue: Facilitate meaningful doctor/patient interaction.
  • Concept/Journal Ad/Detail Aid Evaluation & Testing: Measure reactions, meaning, and motivation, and diagnose & correct executional issues inhibiting message effectiveness.
  • Name Testing: Identify positive and negative associations with names, both in and out of context.
  • War Gaming: Maximize opportunities and shore up defenses against competitors.

We have extensive experience in all qualitative data-gathering techniques, including IDIs TDIs, focus groups, & small group discussions, observational/ethnographic interviews, in person or remote, with or without web-enhancement. Additionally, we are experienced with most respondent types, specialties, and therapeutic categories and our capabilities are global in scope.